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The following citation represents a very important historical grouping to the famous 116th (Greyhound/Windhund) Panzer Division which was involved in all the major 1944/45 Western Front battles from Normandy to the Harz Mountains, they were amongst a large number of documents relating to this division which were found buried in metal boxes in the Harz Mountains some years ago. Until 1990 the Harz Mountains had been in East Germany and there had been no possibility of recovering them. Some clients will remember the wehrpasses to the Panther Company of the Division, which have been previously offered, these are from the same group, it is probably the first time that so many citations from one unit have ever been offered for sale. Read From Normandy to the Ruhr by Lieutenant Colonel H.G.Guderian, the Divisionís former Chief of Staff for a detailed history of the Division. A number of the citations in this group are in fact pen signed by Guderian. All of the citations have suffered to some degree from dampness, all of the citations are photographed so that the prospective customer can see the degree of damage to each citation. Wound Badge in black citation, A4 size unfolded, to Obergefreiter to Erik Herkenratn, dated Ď23rd September 1944. awarded for the fighting against the remains of the British paratroopers at Arnhem. Pencil signature of Major Eberhard Stephan, Knights Cross Winner.

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